My 2013 Goal

The Blog Dare on Bloggy Moms

My goal for 2013 is very simple, I'd like a broader audience because as my good friend Thrifty Texas Penny says, what's the point of writing content if no one is there to read it?

I think I may have gotten a good start from this blog dare.

It's been fun so thanks Bloggy Moms for the challenge.

This is the last day of the Bloggy Moms Blog Dare.  

Day 1 - My Holiday Wish
Day 13 - And the Flight Attendant Said
Day 14 - If I Could Have Chosen My First Name
Day 15 - Her Frantic Motions
Day 16 - I Could Never Live In a Home That Was
Day 17 - Why I Never
Day 18 - It Was All Because I Believed
Day 19 - Things That Describe My Childhood


  1. I have nominated your for a Liebster Award! Check out this blog post for details:

  2. Yes, I'm with you about getting a better readership!
    Happy New Year!

  3. I'm right there with you and so excited I found you. I'm following you back and also want to invite you to my G+ community. It is a great way to expand your readership. You can share posts and gain followers. Hope to see you there!

    1. I'm excited you found me too! :) Happy New Year!


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