Her Frantic Motions

...signify an excited little girl.

When Diva is super excited she flaps her hands out in front of her like she is a gimpy bird with disproportionate wings trying to fly away.

It's both hilarious and infectious.

And that's the reaction I got when she found out we were going on The Polar Express thanks to US Family Guide Bloggers.

Her first question was, "Do I get to wear my footy pajamas?"  Yes baby, you do.

Looking out the window to see the North Pole

And she was not alone.  Every train car was filled to capacity with children in pajamas, many of them footy pajamas, and even some whole families from Grandpa on down in matching pjs.

We chose to have a girls' night (sans pjs for the older two generations) with three generations of Moppins ladies.

As we waited at the station which was decked out in Christmas lights and garlands, the aroma of hot chocolate and funnel cakes permeated the crisp air and Christmas songs washed over us.  Children were excited and expectant - hanging on the railings looking down the tracks for The Polar Express.

High points:

  • The chefs gave us the best Snickerdoodle cookie I have ever eaten and some hot chocolate

  • The conductor took our tickets and punched them like in the story
  • The Polar Express was read over the speakers and the children were encouraged to follow along in their own books
  • Christmas carols were piped through the speakers and we all sang
  • The servers danced with the children in the aisle

  • And the big guy himself visited the train to hand out bells

The hour long train journey goes from Palestine to Rusk and back again on the Texas State Railroad.  It was a lovely evening - all three generations thought so.

Thanks US Family Guide for the opportunity to spend time in a new to us Christmas activity with my Momma and daughter.  We had a blast!
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  1. How very fun!!! We might have to do this next year :D

    1. You really should. Your little ones will love it! I mean c'mon, I'd do it again just for the cookie. ;)


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