My Holiday Wish

The Blog Dare on Bloggy Moms

I got a wild hair and joined in a "Blog Dare" whereby there is a specific writing prompt for every day in December.  I've never done it before but it kind of seemed like fun...
I may have a warped sense of fun.

As the title suggests, today's topic is "My Holiday Wish."


Feeling a slight tangent being taken here...bear with me...

We LOVE Christmas carols 'round here.  But outside the Christmas season (Thanksgiving night to New Year's night) Engineer has a strict moratorium on the listening, singing, humming, whistling, or general speaking of carols.

Even though j'adore Christmas songs, there are a few that I feel can be taken out of the genre without it feeling a loss:

"So This is Christmas"
"Simply Having a Wonderful Christmastime"
"Do They Know It's Christmas"

It looks like I only don't like secular Christmas songs but that's not true; I love "Silver Bells", "Sleigh Ride", and of course the classic "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer."

One song though that really drives me nuts is "Grown Up Christmas List" which is what I immediately thought of when I saw this prompt.  Probably because the last line of the song says "This is my only life long wish, this is my grown up Christmas list."

Many of my favorite singers have this tune in their repertoire, Michael Buble, Natalie Cole, Kelly Clarkson, and still, I just don't like it.

Do I not want good for all humanity?  Of course I do.
Do I want wars to start or lives to fall apart?  No I do not.
So what is it about that song?

I couldn't quite pinpoint what it was until I read the lyrics all the way through.  It's because the person is asking in kind of a hopeless fashion for Santa to fix the world's problems.

I have nothing against Santa.  I think he's a swell fella but he is there to give presents and drive a sleigh, not to sort out a broken world.

Only one man can do that and you're not going to be able to sit on His lap at the mall.

So maybe if the singer were on their knees desperately imploring their Lord and Savior to change the hearts of men everywhere, then this would actually be one of my favorite Christmas songs, no matter who was singing it.