Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Madly in Love

Engineer created a "Morning Mix" with which to start our day.

Our playlist has songs like "Best Day of My Life" "Happy" and "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" to set the day's tone.

It also has some tunes mixed in just to get us moving.  James Brown anyone?

You already know that we are a dancy household, that we have no shame taking the party wherever we go, and that our lives are like living in a musical, so it should come as no surprise that the peppy soundtrack to our morning gets our rumps a-shakin'.

Every morning one or more Moppins members are ushering their morning in by dancing.

But it's this that makes me weak in the knees:

I walk around the corner, my beloved takes my hand and sweeps me into his arms.
In an instant, our kitchen becomes our ballroom.

Reservation for Moppins:  dance party of two...

1-4-3 EM!  I am grateful to be your life-long dance partner.
1-4-3 DM!  May you always start your morning with a song and dance number.

Monday, February 23, 2015



I don't function well if the temperature drops below 60F so I have been hibernating all day - alternating between standing over a hot stove and sitting by the fire.
To be honest, it's been bliss.
I've had a lovely view of Diva and the neighborhood children running around the back yard with the dogs.  They've been having a "sleet"ball fight and loving life.

Last Sunday we attended a local bluegrass band concert at the assisted living facility where Engineer's grandparents are living.  It was nice to spend time with Engineer's family.

We had a short work and school week so I got to spend an extra day with my peeps.  I relish those days.

Diva had another book club meeting on Friday.  The kids read "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" by Douglas Adams, discussed it over dinner, and watched the movie.

Earlier in the day though, my friend and I hit the jack pot at several estate sales. Love when that happens.

Then on Saturday, we had our first Bossier City Supper Club get together.  The theme was "Rice" since Louisiana is the third largest producer of the crop in the United States.  Our menu for the evening consisted of:

Apple Pie Moonshine Spiked Horchata
Bourbon Spiced Pork Tenderloin
Green Beans & Peppers
Pecan Wild Rice
Tropical Rice Pudding

Here's what we'll be eating this week:

Sunday - Out to Eat
Monday - Creamy Tex-Mex Cornbread Bake & Spinach Salad
Tuesday - Weekend Brisket, Carrot & Ginger Puree, & 21st Green Top Salad
Wednesday - Braised Beans w/Collard Greens & Ham and Cornbread
Thursday - Veal Roll-Ups,  Mixed Vegetables, & Curried Fruit (didn't get around to this last week)
Friday - Loaded Chicken Bacon Pot Pie & Kale Salad
Saturday - Leftovers

This is part of MPM.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

5 Years Later...

Five years ago today, Pary Moppins went live.

It all started as a place for friends and family to catch up with our day-to-day lives and as a place for people to get thrifty tips.

Thank you to those who have followed our family's journey and who have been so supportive.

You've been with us as we saved to pay off our housethrough the loss our dear furry friendsduring our move from Texas, and so many other milestones.

It has been a pleasure documenting our lives such as they are and a delight to know that a few people out there find it interesting.

Over the years Pary Moppins has evolved just as we have.

We have the opportunity to draw from cultural experiences growing up in Texas, starting a family in England, moving back to Texas, and now finishing out Diva's school years in Louisiana.  Those experiences have shaped our lives and are reflected in this lil' ol' blog full of silliness, hats, coffee, and love.

My hope is that you have found this little corner of the blogosphere encourages you and makes you smile.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Perfectly Practical #217 - Mini King Cakes

The Mardi Gras season goes from Twelfth Night to Ash Wednesday.
You can't miss it.
You go to on Epiphany with Christmas decorations still up in the neighborhood and by morning, everyone (but us it seems) has Mardi Gras decorations exploding from their porches.

Today is Pancake Day if you are English, Shrove Tuesday if you are religious, the day before Carnival ends if you are Brazilian, and Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras if your Louisianian.

As we are now living here, we are attempting to embrace all things Louz-yana.

We dipped our toes in the water of Mardi Gras by going to the Krewe of Barkus and Meoux parade and Diva tried her first King Cake at school.  She even got the baby, but her excitement was short lived when she found out that meant that she had to buy the next King Cake.

All I have seen lately in my Facebook feed, on TV commercials, or billboards is King Cake this and King Cake that.  "We have them shipped from New Orleans!"  "We make the best ones in the world!"  "Try our boudin King Cakes!"  Yes, that's a real thing and is apparently very popular with the natives.

In case you are unaware of this phenomenon, here's the sitch:

A King Cake is a wreath shaped pastry made to signify the three gifts of the wise men to baby Jesus.   The dough is rolled flat then spread with anything from cinnamon, cream cheese, or yes, even to boudin then rolled into a log which is then made into a circle.  A tiny plastic baby is cooked inside the cake.  After it has baked, the cake is decorated with icing and brightly colored sprinkles (green for faith, purple for justice, and gold for power.)

Since there are only three of us and none of us are particularly King Cake fanatics (shhh! don't tell our neighbors) a big cake just seems wasteful.  However, when a sweet friend gave us these mini cakes the other day, I thought they were perfectly practical portion control.

If you are looking for a fun family-friendly way to celebrate Mardi Gras, you could get your kiddos involved in making these mini cakes.

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Mini King Cakes

1 can Cinnamon Rolls (8ct)
Green, Yellow, & Purple Sprinkles

Roll each cinnamon roll into a rope.
Pinch two "ropes" together at one end and twist them together.  Form the twisted rope into a circle and pinch the ends together so that it looks like a wreath.
Lay the wreaths on a greased baking sheet and pop them in a 350F oven for about 23 minutes.
Once they are out of the oven, use the cinnamon roll frosting to cover the tops of the cakes then decorate with yellow, green, and purple sugar sprinkles.

Makes 4 mini cakes

This is part of FPT and WFMW.


On Sunday we were still juggling guests and ailing grandparents.  We did manage to go to mass with our guests at the beautiful new Catholic sanctuary down the road and the Barkus and Meoux parade (you can see pictures here.)

By Monday, I had started to come down with a cold...again...ugh...
The rest of the week puttered along which is exactly what we were hoping for leading up to a long weekend.

Diva had friends spend the night all weekend.
We went to some friends' house for a meal on Friday while Diva helped with a Parents' Night Out at her school.

Then had friends over for a candlelight dinner on Valentine's Day instead of fighting the crowds.

Other than that, it has been a quiet and restful week.
I hope you also had a quiet a restful week.  :)

This week we will be eating:

Sunday - Leftovers
Monday - Leftovers
Tuesday - Bacon Pancakes, Eggs, & Fruit
Wednesday - Veal Roll-Ups,  Mixed Vegetables, & Curried Fruit
Thursday - Roasted Turkey, Steamed Carrots, & Frozen Fruit Salad (didn't get around to it last week)
Friday - Date Night
Saturday - Supper Club

This is part of MPM.

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