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It's Rodeo Time Again

Houston Rodeo 2016 Ever since I was little, I have enjoyed the rodeo. As soon as we moved back to Texas, Engineer and I wanted that experience for Diva as well. We try to take our guests to rodeos whenever we have the opportunity as well. I mean, we're Texan through and through so it is in our blood. And guess what?!  IT'S HOUSTON LIVESTOCK AND RODEO TIME AGAIN!!  Yehaw! While the rodeo is going on, they have Value Deals on Wednesdays so entry is only $5 for adults - but wait!  There's more:  Seniors and children 12 and under get in FREE!!! Plus, there are dining and merchandise discounts available on Wednesdays. Don't miss this chance to see small children hang upside down from the neck of a sheep in the mutton busting competition (that and the bull riding are my favorite events.) Visit for more information.

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