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This was at the annual Arts District Open House in downtown Houston. That is Diva's friend on the right who gets roped into our silliness a lot of the time. They did not tell me that we weren't smiling for the photo, nor did they mention that my dress wasn't fastened in the back so it looks like I am wearing a tent. Thanks guys.

I took an unintentional 3 month break from blogging over the summer.

It wasn't that I wasn't cooking, wearing hats, loving my family, or generally doing perfectly practical things, it was that I was.

This summer one or more of us:
  • Met Frank from "American Pickers"
  • Went to Pine Cove summer camp
  • Attended White Sox, Astros, and/or Pirates' home games
  • Tubed in New Braunfels
  • Joined a chess club
  • Went to church camp in Colorado
  • Had a birthday
  • Jumped from an airplane 
  • Took ballroom dancing lessons
  • Became a member of a pirate bar
There were some other pretty cool activities (and a good deal of traveling) thrown in which all went by so quickly; but, now it's time to get back into a much of a routine as a complete overhaul on the outside of one's house and a 15 year old learning to drive will permit.

Yeah, life is only getting more interesting around here.

I just wanted to let you know that the Moppins Family still lives...and takes ridiculous photos.

More to come...


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    1. We try to find interesting things to do during the summer although, occasionally that means our time-off is completely packed. :)


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