Madly in Love

It is finals week for Diva.  The culmination of this semesters' teachings wrapped up in a stress-filled whirlwind race to the finish line of her inaugural year in high school.

Engineer went on a business trip during this time; but, before he left at the crack of dawn, he left Diva a little note of encouragement at her spot at the breakfast table.

I didn't know he was going to do that and it made me smile like a Cheshire cat when I discovered the letter.

This school year has been almost amorphous with change. 
We changed houses, hobbies, and churches. 
Diva changed states, schools, piano teachers, and styles of education. 
Engineer changed jobs and with that, travel schedules. 
My roles have been modified accordingly. 

All of the adjustments have not been smooth ones.  Now we have come through the other side with the beginnings of routines forming....just in time for summer's distinct lack of routine.   

Back to the note. 
I am so thankful for Engineer's thoughtfulness in recognizing that Diva's journey hasn't been an easy one this year, but that she has been diligent to the very end.  He made sure to tell her he is proud of her accomplishments and that he was thinking of her.

Gosh I love that man of mine.

1-4-3 EM & DM!  


  1. It's the little things - like an encouraging note - that make all the difference :)

    1. She was tickled pink when she realized her Daddy had written her a note. And you're right, it did make a difference in the way the day went.


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