Madly in Love Monday

I L-O-V-E Christmas carols and so does Diva.  If it were up to us, we would play and sing and listen to Christmas songs all year long. 


There is a rule at The Little Pink House that is enforced by the enforciest enforcer that has ever enforced and that rule is:

Christmas carols are only allowed between Thanksgiving night and New Year's night.

If you start humming a holiday tune outside of the allotted time frame you will be shut down. 
End. of. story.

So if I love Christmas carols so much and Engineer is such a stickler about when they are heard, why exactly does that make for a Madly in Love Monday?  It's because of the anticipation.  The year long build up for that month long feast for the ears makes it all the sweeter. 

Engineer wants to keep our Christmas traditional and special.  There are things we do only at Christmas with our choice of music being the most noticeable. 

Thank you EM for having us refrain from carols all year so that we are a 24/7 caroling household for a solid month.

1-4-3 EM!

This is part of Heavenly Homemakers Gratituesday.