When Snow Begins to Fall

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Snow?  What Snow?  This is East Texas darlin', we don't have snow.  Sleet maybe if we're (un)lucky but almost never snow.

When snow begins to fall in East Texas I get off the roads because people (including me) in these parts freak out when they see snow and typically run off the roads.  

When snow began to fall in England however, I would look out the window and say, "Oh, isn't it lovely!"

Then I'd promptly start to shiver just looking at the fluffy flakes and curl up under a blanket close to the fireplace and drink hot tea.

That is totally the best way to enjoy snow.  You get to experience all of the beauty without any of the chill.

This is Day 2 of the Bloggy Moms Blog Dare.

Day 1 - My Holiday Wish


  1. I'm from Arizona and I can tell you I miss the warmer winters and lack of snow! I live in PA now. Lots of snow, shiver, brr, cold!

    Stopping in to return your visit.

    1. Oh dear, the idea of LOTS of snow chills me bones! Especially since right now it is 70 degrees outside at 9:30 in the morning. :) Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I live in eastern WA and we get snow. Although the last couple of years have been easy. Makes me wonder what is coming up. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog. I thought I would return the favor.

  3. HI there. I'm Hanna. I found your blog through teh blog hop! Great stuff!!! I love meeting new friends!! I am your newest follower:) You can find me at www.bouffeebambini.blogspot.com

  4. I live in the midatlantic. When we get snow it is ice/sleet rather than snow-pretty to watch when falling, but then quickly freezes over when we're ready to play in it. No one knows how to drive in these conditions around here either! However, when I lived further south, when we got snow it was nice and powdery. It was never that frigid in temperature, so we would actually play in the snow with just thick sweaters...so lovely!

    1. Powdery snow is the kind that makes good snow ice cream. :) Thanks for stopping by Ms. Lani!


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