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Don't get me wrong, an all white house with slick clean surfaces is appealing on days where laundry is overflowing onto the floor and a dustbunny tumbleweed rolls past me.  But I wouldn't trade the main clutter culprits (the hubby, the kid, and the animals) for a sterile environment.

I've ranted before about not minding the dust.

I like our things.  They tell the story of our lives.

Like the framed poster of an opera from college I was in.
Or Engineer's collection of Hard Rock Cafe pilsners from all over the world.
What about the family treasures like my Paw-paw's pipe or Engineer's Great-Grandmother's glass rolling pin?

How boring our house would be without stuff - if there weren't stories and memories behind the things we surround ourselves with.

Besides, in a minimalist house, where would I put all of my hats?

This is Day 16 of the Bloggy Moms Blog Dare

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  1. If any one ever complains about my house. I just tell them I was too busy making memories to worry about the clutter. Really as long as there is no mould or other bacteria that could hurt my family, I'm not too concerned how it looks!

    1. That's a good way to look at it Ms. Victoria. :)


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