Perfectly Practical # 142 - Spare a Thought for the Lonely at Christmas

I lost focus while Engineer was gone on this last business trip.

I was only half of me.
I was only that much of me because I had Diva here still to care for.
If she hadn't been here either, I would have been only a shell.

Those three weeks it was so hard to get out of bed and get motivated to do much of anything other than what was absolutely required of me.

During that time I thought of the single moms I know.  The military wives.  The widows.

I thought about how they wake up every day and have that empty space beside them in bed.
No one there to wake them up with a "Good morning gorgeous" and a smile.
How they have to navigate each day alone when what they signed up for was a co-pilot in life.
Wondering if or when their husband will come home or grieving over him.

Then, I prayed for them.
I prayed for comfort and peace for those ladies who were experiencing the holiday season without their partner in life.
Those who were raising children alone.

My family is reunited but my prayers are still being sent up for those who are lonely this Christmas.
I encourage you during this beautiful season of togetherness to visit a shut in, to pray with a widow, to encourage a single mom, to take cookies to a military family, to be present, to let them know that they matter and are not invisible or completely alone.

Amazing how praying for someone else can put your life back into focus.

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  1. That was nice and heartfelt. Thank you for sharing. I am also part of the Blog Dare, I just got started and will be reading what you have done so far! Merry Christmas!!!

    1. Well thank you Ms. Mommi and thanks for stopping by.


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