Perfectly Practical #189 - 52 Baby Steps to Frugality

A New Year so often starts with good intentions to tighten your belt both literally (losing weight) and figuratively (saving money.)

A couple of years ago I posted 10 Baby Steps to Frugality and thought maybe 10 steps just weren't enough.

I realize that not everyone has the time nor inclination to make everything from scratch, hang out their laundry, and walk to and from all of their daily appointments and that's okay.

But if you are feeling that you are overwhelmed with information on how to be frugal, here are 52 ideas. 

Choose one a week and add one to it the following week:
  1. Make the decision to be frugal
  2. Set your goals
  3. Make a budget
  4. Know your budget busters
  5. Pull together in one direction
  6. Use a menu plan - save money, time, and stress
  7. Buy in fruits and vegetables in season - healthier cheaper more flavorful
  8. Go meatless one day a week
  9. Put your change in a jar - it's amazing how quickly this adds up
  10. Utilize the library instead of buying books or renting movies
  11. Take your lunch to work - save money and calories
  12. Turn off the electronics not in use
  13. Combine car trips - save time and money
  14. Carpool - save money & gas
  15. Go out to eat one less time a week
  16. Use your crock pot - saves time & money
  17. Find a frugal friend - saves sanity :)
  18. Don't lose sight of your focus
  19. Make your own laundry detergent liquid or powder
  20. Have a meal in the freezer
  21. Have a 30 minute meal on standby
  22. Research other frugal options
  23. Grow your own food
  24. Stockpile - buy items you use regularly at rock bottom prices ahead of time
  25. Repurpose items 
  26. Eat from your pantry
  27. Don't go into a store - it's amazing how you don't spend money if you don't go to the store
  28. Take a 52 week saving challenge
  29. Have a family game night or movie night instead of going out
  30. Order water at a restaurant instead of a cold drink
  31. Hang out your laundry
  32. Make your own household cleaners
  33. Make your own dish-washing detergent
  34. Use what you have instead of buying new
  35. Make your own compost
  36. Automatically draft savings from your paycheck
  37. If it ain't broke, don't fix it
  38. Make your own coffee to-go instead of buying from a shop
  39. Use online services for TV/movies instead of using satellite
  40. Compare unit prices - buying bulk isn't always cheaper
  41. Use cloth napkins instead of paper towels
  42. Make a soup or stew out of the week's leftovers
  43. Turn off the water when you brush your teeth
  44. Fix leaky pipes
  45. Keep tires aired up to get better gas mileage
  46. Turn off electronics when you aren't in the room
  47. Use reusable plastic tubs instead of ziptop bags
  48. Have a garage sale
  49. Browse garage sales for housewares
  50. Split bulk purchases
  51. Have more candlelight dinners (saves on electricity and going out to eat)
  52. Recycle - saves on garbage bags
This is part of WFMW.


  1. "Find a frugal friend - saves sanity" <--- I totally agree! it's so much easier when you have a friend who understands


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