Perfectly Practical #154 - Don't Lose Sight of Your Focus

I am an overwhelmer.
The kind of person that decides to tackle a project and then goes full speed ahead before burning out (and getting really grumpy in the process.)

You may have noticed that I never mentioned doing a deep clean while I decluttered the whole of the month of January.  There was a reason for that.

It's the same reason the Dave Ramsey says when getting out of debt, to pay off the smallest loan first:  quick results = sense of accomplishment.

I needed to purge the excess and reorganize a little before I did a deep clean.
I needed to see that my efforts were working.
I needed for all of the hidden laundry baskets to go away.

My whole mantra this year is "taking small steps to achieve big results" which has spilled into every aspect of my life.

Asking for just $1.40, our fundraising goal was reached.
Forming small new habits has enhanced our home life.
Purging in January means less to Spring Clean in April.

Insane over-achievers Efficient people would point out that it would have been better to go for big donations, do a "life make-over," or to wipe down cabinets and such while purging.

But, that would have taken more time and effort and thought and energy in that moment when all I wanted to do was make sustainable and visible progress.

I had a purpose.
A goal.
Adding extra steps would have caused me to lose focus of my original intent.

This year I am hoping to be a reformed overwhelmer - a sustainer - one who will stay the course without distraction or grumpiness.

Be encouraged to have goals, even big goals, but to take small steps in order to achieve them.

This is part of Works for Me.


  1. Why is it so much more likely that we will do a big amount of work in a small amount of time than a small amount of work over a longer period of time? I mean, why is it so much harder to MAINTAIN an already clean house than to let it get dirty and do one big clean? When I figure out the answer to this, I'll be a very happy woman!

    1. And when you figure it out, please let me know as well! :)

  2. My mantra this year has been "slow and steady". Like when the baby is crying, Charlotte has taken off her poopy diaper herself, Ana is asking for a snack and Caleb is destroying something... Slow and Steady. I deal with one kid at a time and soon enough they're all taken care of... for a few minutes anyway. I'm not ready to tackle any big projects. Just trying to get through each day at this point in my life. But I think the idea of concentrating on one little thing at a time makes things appear more manageable.

    I have to admit that I was surprised you were asking for such little money. But look at what you accomplished!!

    1. Absolutely, slow and steady is the way to go. :)


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