Perfectly Practical #30 - Set Goals

If you have nothing to strive for, what's the point of doing anything at all?

I love when Diva comes in and says that she has a goal of so many Accelerated Reading points or to reach a certain "belt" in recorder karate.  That shows me that she is working with purpose and not just because she has to do something.  And because she has shared her goals, Engineer and I can cheer her on and remind her to practice recorder or to take the A.R. test after reading a book. 

For Engineer, the goal might be finishing a project for school and Diva and I can know to leave him be so as not to take his concentration away.  Then we can all celebrate a job well done afterwards.

When we set goals and share them with others, there is an accountability factor which is a great motivator.  It also helps those around you know where you need the most encouragement or sensitivity. 

Setting goals makes you focus on the very next thing.  It builds your confidence after accomplishing said next thing and it forces you to make intentional decisions.  Within that level of focus, evaluation of the goal and how to make it happen will cause you to examine angles that perhaps you didn't before. 

Plus, it makes victory even sweeter when it was something that you worked towards...this is what I keep telling myself anyway at 5:30am as I am drenched in sweat and hearing Jillian Michaels yelling, "Pain is fear leaving your body!"

This is part WFMW.