Perfectly Practical #71 - The Library

I did not grow up loving the library.  In fact, it has the same effect on me that nursing homes, funeral homes, and hospitals have on me - they all take my breath away and made it hard to breathe.  I don't let it debilitate me but I do get the heck outta' Dodge the second it seems appropriate.  And isn't it strange that the library would affect me in that way?

I never wanted that for Diva.  I want her to never be impressed upon by my fears and hang-ups so I have tried my darndest to press on and alleviate that from the equation. 

As soon as I could, I got her into reading programs at the library in England.  If there was someone reading a book to children or a Mums & Tots group meeting at the library, we were there.  Thus she loved going to the library from the get go.

Once she started school, Diva and I had "Marvelous Monday" whereby we would go to the library, have tea, then go to piano lessons.  We had to move days to work around our schedules when we moved back to Texas and so "Tremendous Tuesday" was started.  Last year we had "Tremendous Thursday" since our standing appointments changed again.  The solidifying factor is that we go to the library after school.  If we miss a week, there is a little Diva who truly lives up to her name and reminds us (repeatedly) that we missed library day.

What's so great about the library - FREE Entertainment!

Books, books, and more books for FREE!  If there is a book out that you would like to read and they do not have, you can request a book to be transferred from another library to yours.

Movies are also free to be rented.  They are older releases but maybe your family has never seen them before so they would be new to you.

Summer programs are FREE as well and give the kiddos something different to do while school is out.  Plus, they usually have a summer reading program where kids can get prizes for reading so many books/hours.

R.I.F. - Reading Is Fun is a sponsored program that gives school aged children the opportunity once or twice a year to come into the library and pick out a brand new book to keep - for FREE.

Most libraries have community rooms that can be rented at a low cost for receptions or classes.  Many libraries also put on programs like "Meet the Author" or book discussion groups. 

Our library has a quarterly book sale to raise funds.  I have found original signed copies of books for $.50 at this sale.

Computer access is FREE although somewhat restricted - no printing coupons or surfing for ahem, unmentionables.  In our library, the children's section has it's own set of computers with educational games and interactive stories loaded onto them. 

Next time your kiddos say that they are bored, maybe you could consider using that understated yet valuable resource, the library, and have a Tremendous Thursday too!

This is part of We Are That Family's Works for Me Wednesday.