3 + 3 in 300sqft Week 5 & 6

Engineer daydreaming about sailboats
Weeks 5 & 6 in the hotel room are going to be logged together.  Lots went on, but since no one was actually in the room on week 6, we all had a little reprieve from living on top of one another...aaah, the gift of space.

As a bonus, because the um was made from yarn, it was really lightweight.
 For the most part, our week was quiet until the weekend.  At some point though I decided to make a mum for Diva for Homecoming.  As I have no idea how to make a mum and craft like a one-armed walrus, I thought I would knit a mum.  Why I chose to do that the day before she needed it, I have no idea.  I found a lovely yarn shop in League City run by an even lovelier lady who, after hearing the desperation in my voice over the phone, agreed to help me with my ridiculous undertaking.  She now has a fan and a customer in me.

Friday was the Homecoming game.  All three of us went and saw the Warriors dominate the opposition yet again bringing their District run to 5-0.

Our friend Ellen was in Houston giving a lecture at a hospital and asked if she and her girls (one of whom is one of Diva's very best friends) could come visit for the day. Of course we said, "Absolutely!"  We took them and our dogs to the dog park before going to our favorite local burger joint - Tookie's.  Next we headed to the Kemah boardwalk so the girls could ride roller coasters and such while we visited.  Before returning to the hotel we ate Bubba Gump's (which was tastier than I thought it would be.)  Our friends stayed the night in our hotel where the girls stayed up late watching a movie.  The next morning they came with us to church before traveling back up to East Texas.  We had a lovely visit.  We love visitors y'all so come on down anytime!

The ball was still rolling along Sunday when we took Diva and her friend Ali to the Houston Ballet to see "Manon" after church.  This was Ali's first ballet and was a joy to watch her watch the show.  As the lights dimmed, she asked why people were clapping and Diva answered her that it was because the Maestro had walked out.  One forgets how special the first time of seeing a live performance is and how one doesn't know protocol unless they ask. 

Engineer and I spent week 6 back in Bossier City to oversee the packers and movers.  Whatever excitement is involved with moving to a new destination and living in a different house has an equal and opposite reaction in the disdain and dread of packing and the actual moving process.

We filled up that 18 wheeler packed to the ceiling.

Every time we move, I give away/throw away lots of stuff and yet, I still find myself saying in an exasperated tone, "We have too much stuff!" 

While we were in Northwest Louisiana, Diva stayed behind in Clear Lake with Ali's family so she wouldn't miss school.  She had great fun and they went to a restaurant with a belly dancer one night before going to see "Legally Blonde:  The Musical."  I'm not sure she wanted to come back home after spending the week with them.

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  1. hang in there, girl! you're gonna make it!


    1. I know, but it doesn't always feel like that is the case. :)


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