3 + 3 in 300sqft Week 3

I am sipping my coffee and watching the glossy fronds of a palm tree lazily billowing on the breeze just outside our window here at the hotel.  Hotel life is not so bad. 

We have now perfected our morning routine which I have lovingly titled our "Scoochouttatheway Ballet."  Everyone knows where they can sit or stand to do whatever it is they need to do without infringing on the space of someone else.  If only the dogs would get with the program...

Another week with more news, we put in an offer on a house and it was accepted!  If When everything goes smoothly, we will have closed on the Bossier house and two days later, closed on the Houston house. 

You know what a new house means, right?  A new name for the new house.  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

There are some similarities between Bossier and Houston - humidity, bayous on the sides of the roads, and newscasts about gators in neighborhoods.  My favorite similarity though are the birds; I love seeing all of the waterfowl.  One of the neighborhoods/cities where we were looking at houses is actually a bird sanctuary.  I am pretty sure we are in the flight path of migratory birds as well.  One of my hopes is that Engineer takes me to the island in the Gulf where all of the hummingbirds stop and refuel before they make their way south for the winter.

I never thought I would like living near a big city, but I do.  The opportunities are amazing!  Symphonies, choirs, bands, dance groups, theatre troops, yacht clubs, polo matches, sports teams, and every possible good or service or food you could desire is available.

Similarly, I never thought I would want to live close to water (snakes, skeeters, and such) but I am totally digging being 15 minutes from the water (in the new house, it will be far less than that.)  Watching and hearing the clang of the yachts and sailboats go by is my new favorite pastime.

Our mantra since moving down here is "Embrace the lifestyle" and so far, we're doing a pretty good job of that.

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