Three People & Three Dogs in 300 Sq. Ft

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We have been here in Houston for a little over a week now living in a hotel.  This will be home sweet home until we buy a house.

Yes, Engineer, Diva, and I along with our four-legged companions packed up our absolute necessities (such as safety gear, a small library of books, and a cast iron skillet, respectively) and caravaned to Clear Lake.

The dogs are doing surprisingly well in our three room confinement.  We take them out at regular intervals and I take the younger two on a walk every day. 

Winnie & her dinosaur making themselves at home
I truly despise driving and would really love for someone to figure out that Star Trek teleportation stuff soon. Since our friends and family know that, upon hearing the news that we would be moving to Houston, the number one question was, "What are you going to do about driving?" Um...just do it?

And I have just done it.  Despite the fact that there have been torrential downpours about half the time and standing water on the roads, I have soldiered on.* 
Even though the drivers here are extremely aggressive having no regard for speed limits or spatial awareness, I have carried on. 
On the drive down when the interstate was closed and forced us to exit while I was following behind Engineer only to be cut off by a Sheriff, a flatbed truck, and a motorcycle gang, I did not panic but instead pushed onward.  Okay, maybe there was some mild panic. 
One has to do what one has to do.

The number two question everyone has asked is, "What are you going to do?"

So concerned are our sweet friends and family that I have received phone calls and/or texts nearly every day from someone checking on my state of well-being.   Thanks y'all and I'm doing fine!

I have been trying to find our groove as far as timings go.  The school run and Engineer's work hours are pretty much down pat now...other than he has traveled quite a bit this past week, making a solid routine a bit harder to nail down.

Diva is enjoying her new school and has made a few friends.  Though it's a very different environment from her classical school in Bossier.  

Caspar helping Diva with her homework
See those cookies?  I baked those in a toaster oven.  Very reminiscent of an Easy Bake Oven situation.  In fact, all of my cooking has been in miniature.  It's been interesting.

This hotel room is equipped with a kitchenette including a two burner stove.  Every day I have been at the front desk asking to borrow some piece of kitchen equipment.  The very kind and patient front desk attendant told me today that I was very domestic. 

I'm sure she's only saying that because I borrowed a blender to make homemade hotsauce.  Or maybe it was the corkscrew for the white wine to go in my risotto.  It could have been because I asked for a wooden spoon or a hand mixer or measuring spoons.  Whatever the case, the front desk staff has been asked for things that no one has ever asked for before apparently.  And they are amused by my requests.

What I'm wondering is if the other hotel guests are not amused by Diva and I singing show tunes?  The walls aren't that thick you know.

In response to an invitation from Diva's friend, we have visited both the contemporary and traditional services at a local church and really liked the traditional one. 

We have been invited to a couple of houses for dinner which has been lovely.  We hope to repay their kindness soon.

*Incidentally, I was told that heavy rains were pretty rare and that I shouldn't worry too much about them.  Right...


  1. Good luck house hunting! Those toaster oven cookies look good :)

    1. The cookies were good! ;) Thanks for the well wishes.

  2. A library of books and a cast iron skillet.

    What more could you need?


    I love your great attitude, friend. You inspire me!

  3. I showed Alex Diva's picture in the contact lens post. He smiled and said, "Nanny, I really miss her. She made lunchtime fun." Then he told me (again) the story of how they met and that she labeled him "New Guy." I never get tired of hearing him reminisce about her ~ smile~. Faith Dossett, Marshall, TX

    1. That's so sweet Ms. Faith. Diva and Alex still communicate via text. Isn't it nice to know the kiddos in your life have good friends? :)

  4. It's awesome that you're hotel has kitchen equipment to borrow, I never would have thought of that/expected that. When we first moved to China, we lived in a hotel for three weeks and lived off of a LOT of instant oatmeal and fruit, so it's great that you have some way to cook and get more interest and variety into your family's diet. Oatmeal gets boring pretty quickly.

    1. I can imagine that oatmeal does get boring quickly. We are very thankful for the availability of the kitchen equipment. :)

  5. "...would really love for someone to figure out that Star Trek teleportation stuff soon." YES! Been saying this for years!

    1. Oh my gosh! My life would be infinitely better if I didn't have to drive and could just teleport.


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