3 + 3 in 300sqft Week 2

A couple of weeks ago was a big week for us.

Diva had her first full week back at school.  Her teachers all love her and she has already made a handful of friends.

Engineer was in West Virginia for several days.  (In our first two weeks in Houston, Engineer was gone on business trips for roughly half of the time.)

The biggest news was that after months on the market, we sold our house!  Hallelujah!  Thank you Lord for our buyers!  We hope they enjoy living in "Beloved Bayou" as much as we did.

We spent the day downtown for the annual Houston Theatre District's Open House.  You could walk or take the trolley to the various theatre venues to watch performers from drum circles to jazz combos to the Houston Ballet.  There were backstage tours and you could meet the performers. 

They had discounts on tickets to nearly any type of performance you could possibly want, so we picked up half price ballet tickets and tickets to the opera.  But even better than that, somehow or another, we were chosen for free Houston Symphony Orchestra tickets.  Score!

Diva's buddy from school was with us and we took the girls to the Hard Rock Cafe for supper.  It was her friend's first time at the Houston HRC and she enjoyed it.

After two weeks, hotel life is still okay.  It doesn't really affect Engineer or Diva that much since they are gone during the day.  The only time it gets a little dicey is when three people all want to use the one bathroom.

I have gotten quite a bit of reading done and I'm down a couple of pounds from working out in the hotel gym every day.  So really hotel life isn't bad at all...especially since someone else changes my sheets and vacuums my floor.  ;)

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  1. Maybe I should move into a hotel. Would cut down on cleaning time.


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