Menu Plan Monday

...questions on Tuesday.  You may or may not have seen the comment left by Ms. Cricket regarding our weekly meal plan:
"so what do you do on the weekend? Leftovers, eat out, sandwiches? Dinners with family? Curious."
I will go a little further than that and let you know what we typically eat for all of the meals not listed.

In the freezer I try to keep a supply of any or all of the following:  Mrs. Wilma's Muffins, Choco-Cran Muffins, Breakfast Cake, Breakfast Cookies, Banana Bread, Pumpkin Muffins, and even sometimes pancakes if I have made too many one morning.  In the fridge I try to always have yogurt on hand and granola in the cupboard.

Leftovers get packed in individual reusable boxes for both of my lunching peeps.  Corny Dog Muffins are in the freezer or maybe if there was a good deal on frozen dinners one or both will take those along with them.  Cheese & Biscuits (crackers), peanut butter crackers, fruit, veggie sticks, or sauerkraut often find their way into the lunch boxes.  For me, I will have soup or leftovers or just something that I can grab and go.

Weekend Suppers
If there are dishes from my menu plan that I didn't get to during the week then I will make them on the weekend.  My parents live around the corner so often we will find ourselves over there for a meal.  We don't go out to eat often so I wouldn't say that is a regular occurrence but it does happen occasionally.  Usually at least one day we will eat something that's really easy like frozen pizza.  I also always try to have at least a couple of frozen meals like Beans & Cornbread on hand all the time so if I don't want to cook, I just have to thaw and reheat.

Tea Times/Coffee Breaks/Snacks/Unexpected Guests/School-Calls-and-Needs-Food-for-Teachers-NOW/Engineer's Protein Obsession Snack
You know about my "Brownie Ministry".  It is not just brownies but Mrs. Salmi's Cookies, various sweet breads, biscotti, protein bars, protein shakes, and even Oreo truffles that are kept on hand in the freezer at all times for all of those incidental times. 

This week, I am trying hard to replenish my heavily depleted stash.  Between extra company, not having a major baking day lately, and food for teachers last minute, our baked goods freezer looks a little sad. 

Extra produce that we have either gets pickled, preserved, chopped and frozen, or incorporated into a dish that can be made ahead and frozen.

You may notice that we don't eat a lot of bread.  That's because we have bready type stuff for breakfast so we don't eat many sandwiches - although we all get a hankering every once and awhile for a good old fashioned P,B, & J.  :)

We don't have a microwave so microwave dinners aren't really an option.

So to sum up, Ms. Cricket, the answer to your question is yes.  (But why answer with one word when you could answer with hundreds.)  :)

Thanks for the question.


  1. A few more words: I forgot to mention that Thursdays are oatmeal mornings (people get really bent out of shape around here if there is no oatmeal on Thursdays) and that breakfast for supper or quesadillas are our "go to" meals if we're in a pinch.

  2. Wait a minute, NO MICROWAVE? Did I read the correctly? I've thought it for months and now it's confirmed, you really are Mary Poppins. Stop hiding that magic umbrella and just admit it! LOL

  3. You read it right. Once we were married, we ditched the microwaves. Engineer thought that if we had one, I would only cook microwave meals. The irony is that I didn't know how to cook so we went out to eat every day anyway. Microwave meals probably would have been cheaper and healthier. :) Julie Andrews and I do have quite a few things in common... ;)

  4. ha! I bet my husband would prefer the microwave dinners, but I think they're too expensive.


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