Perfectly Practical #6 - Cookie Ministry

There is a lady that I am very fond of, and when I call her a lady I mean she epitomizes the word.  She walks glides into a room.  She is quite unassuming and diminutive yet she commands respect for the simple reason that when one is around her, one feels equally respected.

I was taught etiquette under this Southern Belle as have many a young lady.  She has a calm and calming presence about her and she is a Godly "steel magnolia" who loves her Lord, her husband, her family, her country, and her community. 

Many folks look up to athletes and actors as role models; I choose to look up to someone who lives around the corner.  When she speaks, wisdom flows from her lips and it is of great benefit to listen intently.

One of her nuggets of wisdom is to have a "cookie ministry." 

  • When someone is ailing or needs a pick-me-up a plate of cookies lets them know that you are thinking of them.  
  • When someone has had a birth or death in the family a plate of cookies comforts the soul.  
  • When someone is having company from out of town a plate of cookies helps to take pressure off of the hostess. 

Cookies are great ambassadors of goodwill.  It seems almost too simple (most practical ideas do) to be a ministry but a ministry is simply the act of serving

Cookies mean that you took your time to stop and think of someone else, made (or bought) cookies, and gave them to that person you were thinking about.  Who wouldn't feel special finding a plate of cookies on their doorstep?  I love this idea and hope it catches on. 

Both my Dad & my good friend Healthy Mom have a "soup ministry" for the ill.  My Grandmother had a "cake ministry" and mine is more of a "brownie ministry." 

Any way you look at it though, bringing some comfort food to someone is, well, comforting and perfectly practical.

Part of Works for Me.