Disney Classics Box Set

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All opinions and love of Disney are my own.

We are decidedly a Disney household.

My first trip to DisneyWorld was in utero - literally, not figuratively.  My Momma was a little annoyed that they wouldn't let her go on Space Moutain that go round.

My leading man and I Honeymooned there.

We spent time at DisneyWorld with one of Engineer's grandfathers in his last days (Pappy also loved DisneyWorld.)

Diva has been there twice and all of us are quick to say that it is indeed "The happiest place on Earth!"

Most of our movie collection is comprised of Disney films, the Disney station on Pandora gets LOTS of play, and if a Disney stage production comes within 200 miles of us, we are there.

There is a Disney song for every situation that arises and they regularly get sung (or whistled) while we work.

Heck, this blog's name is a play on a Disney classic.

All of this to say, Team Moppins is fairly comfortable saying that we are die hard Disney fans - the parks, the movies, the shows, but especially the music.

We were SUPER excited when we found out that there is a new Disney Classics Box set available outside the Disney parks and is available for pre-order on Amazon.

This set has a suggested retail price of $49.98 and for that you get 94 songs on 4 discs:  Disney Modern Classics, Theme Park Classics, Timeless Classics, and Television Classics.  As a bonus, if you buy the box set, you get a new medley of Disney hits by Peter Hollens and Alex G.

It is so fun to have Disney music as our family's soundtrack.  Consider making it your family's soundtrack too.