Pary Moppins - Perfectly Practical in Every Way

In September of 2009, I had the privilege of being asked to be one of 10 women to speak to a group of young ladies from a local Christian school about being a Proverbs 31 kind of homemaker. 

I was by no means an authority on all things domestic (the girls didn't know that of course) but I could say that I strive to perfectly practice practicality practically every day.

While trying to come up with some sort of catchy theme that would have even teenage girls interested in domestics and a name for the Proverbs 31 lady (Gertrude somehow didn't seem to fit) I thought of Julie Andrews (again with the Julie Andrews reference but I can't help it - she's one of my faves!) 

In Disney's "Mary Poppins," the leading lady confidently states that she measures "practically perfect in every way" and after reading Proverbs 31 over and over I realized that she too was about as perfect as they come.  But as Grace would have it, no one is actually perfect so instead I thought of "perfectly practical in every way".

And with that little switcheroo of the words came a little switcheroo of the letters in her name; thus "Pary Moppins" was formed.

We at the Little Pink House run on this very notion of practicality being perfect and therefore our efforts are put into being perfectly practical, although, it doesn't always work out that way. 

I mean seriously, who can deny the temptation of frivolity all the time.  :)