Monday, June 29, 2015

Juice Fest, er, um, Fast Day 3

If you need to catch up here are my accounts from Day 1 and from Day 2.

Day 3

What a difference a day made!  I felt in better spirits, but that may just have been the fact that Engineer got home from his business trip.

I still had a dull headache.  Oh caffeine!  I have supported you all of these years.  Why must you wreak havoc on me!

The author of my juice fast was kind and on the third day gave me juices that were tasty.  Strawberry cherry juice anyone?

For the first time in three days, I managed to get through all of the prescribed juices, herbal teas, and snacks.

Other than the headache and a sore neck that I'm not sure I can blame on the fast, I felt pretty dandy.  In fact, I got to a point where I even felt like I could carry on for another few days.  After my body's initial mutiny, it seemed to have leveled out and felt lighter.

I wish I would have read this post from OMT about Epsom salts sooner.  It might have saved me some grief.  A 15 minute soak with Epsom salts and lavender oil left me feeling relaxed and I slept really well.  I wonder how I would have felt had I tried it Day 1.

One strange thing about this fast was that my feet hurt.  I have heard and read many times about your feet collecting more than their share of toxins and I wonder if as my body was trying to purge, my feet were getting bombarded. 

I don't know how much weight, if any, I lost.  I do know that a skirt I couldn't zip up just one week ago, I wore to church on Sunday.

What I've Learned

Juicing is expensive.  Granted, it could have been slightly less expensive if I had my garden growing right now.  Be prepared to be bowled over at the store when you fork over tons of cold hard cash for things that you are just going to be removing the juice from and tossing the rest.

You don't have to toss the rest.  I used as much as I could of the fibrous pulp in other ways to make the money and the health benefits go a little further.

Clean the juicer as soon after you're finished using it as possible.  Dried on fruit fibers are difficult to scrape off of the machine's parts.

All of the fluff posts about people doing juice fasts say they are radiant and glowing and experience mild discomfort.  I don't know what one they were doing, but mine had me experiencing more than mild discomfort. 

Which leads me to discussing something that I don't normally like to talk about, one of the three B's* - bathrooms.  When you do a cleanse of any sort you anticipate having to go visit the WC more frequently (with juice names like "Waterfall", it's a sure thing) so clear your schedule for the duration of the detox.  While we are on this sensitive subject, if you think at some point you may have internal bleeding, don't worry, it's only all of the beet juice you've been drinking.  Just keeping it real, folks.

Juicing takes a lot of time.  Between washing, chopping, and juicing produce, then disassembling, cleaning, and reassembling the juicer, most of your day is tied up with the process...and the process of elimination...uh hem...

Even after 3 days of full on detoxing and 1 day of gently coming out of the cleanse, I would do it again.  My aim was to reset my body and I feel like I have achieved that.

* The other two B's are bedrooms and bank accounts - I don't need to know about your business and you don't need to know about mine.  ;)


  1. I love adding lavender and Epsom salt to my bath it's so relaxing! Epsom salt adds magnesium to our body that's why it makes your muscles feel better and you sleep better. You can add the same amount of baking soda and peroxide as Epsom salt to your bath and it really helps draw the toxins out! Or you could add just a cup of each to a foot bath!

    1. Great ideas Ms. Alicia! Next time...whenever that will be...I'll try that.

  2. strawberry cherry juice? i could do that ...


    1. Oh Ms. Linda, I could have done strawberry cherry juice every day. It was delicious!

  3. Yum! So glad you are feeling better! Even though I never make them (or buy them for that fact) I really like juicing!

    1. Me too Ms. Caroline! I do like starting my day with a big glass of juice. It could be just mental but I feel like I get an energy boost from the juice.

  4. Wow! Great work on sticking through the cleanse. I miss my juicer! No space anymore for one unfortunately

    1. Thanks Ms. Pristine! With all of your travels, I can't imagine you trekking around all of the world's exotic places with a juicer in tow. :)

  5. I'm not a fan of juice fasts but strawberry cherry juice does sound good :)

    1. That juice was really good! I was a bit trepidations in the beginning of the fast but by day three it wasn't so bad.


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