Juice Fest, er, um, Fast Day 2

If you need to catch up, you can read about my Day 1 detox account.

I'm going to be honest with you, I wrestled with even continuing on the plan after yesterday's yuckiness.

Day 2

At 7:30AM my body felt achy and I still wasn't hungry.  My headache was still a dull pain in the background but nowhere near like it was the previous day.

A little after 9AM I had to get something down my gullet besides water so I started the plan for Day 2.  By the time I started chopping the fruits for my delicious juice, I started feeling the hunger pangs I was warned about.

Woo-hoo!  Thank you Lord I got to add live low-fat yogurt to my food as well as solid foods other than raw fruits and vegetables...even it they were unsalted sunflower seeds.

My skin actually felt more sensitive.  Is that even possible?  I was aware of every fiber on my clothes that brushed across my body.  It was like getting a pat on the back first thing that morning for the unpleasantness of the day before.

The dull headache remained throughout the day and I was still craving fatty salty foods.  Pizza sounded awesome!

When I wasn't hungry, I felt really full but in an instant, I would get a twinge and could hardly chop and juice fast enough.  It was a little strange to go from full to famished in a blink.

I still didn't get through all of the juices. 

When I got to eat a baked potato for supper (don't get too excited, it only had olive oil and pepper on it) it was like the best food on the planet. 

All day I felt lethargic but not sick to my stomach.  That's definitely progress.

What I Learned

A masticating juicer is awesome to get all of the goodness out of fruits and vegetables but it is a pain in the rump to clean.  By the fifth or sixth time of cleaning it, you want to throw in the towel.

If you so choose to do a detox, let me urge you to do it when no major decisions need to be made.  The words "brain fog" don't seem to adequately describe the level of mayonnaisy-ness my brain was feeling.

When you are about to juice something, get the sink filled with soapy water and wash & chop all fruits & veggies before starting to juice.  That way it makes the juicing and clean-up processes go quicker and more smoothly.

Hot food is comfort for the soul.

Also, radish & sauerkraut juice is not my favorite.


  1. Ok, maybe I won't buy a new juicer after all...

    1. Even after the cleanse, I enjoyed juicing for breakfast. I like having that boost of energy and vitamins early in the day.

  2. Get you some gelatin! It'll add a little protien and may help! I recommend the Great Lakes brand, they have a red can and a green can. I think (but can't totally remember) the green can is the kind you can add that won't make your juice gel up. Gelatin has a ton of great health benefits!!!!

    1. My Momma has been trying to get me to use gelatin lately. I must try it. Thanks for the tip!

  3. I am not a fan of juicing...I like to eat my fruits and veggies. I don't think I would last a half day doing one of these. I love food too much! ;)

    1. I do love food...perhaps a little too much which is how I ended up feeling like I needed a cleanse. ;)

  4. My mom did a juice fast when I was a teenager... she was a HOT MESS for 2 weeks... and I swore I'd never do one lol. But I love me some smoothies. A Smoothie fast I could get on board with.

    1. Ooh...a smoothie fast does sound good doesn't it? :)


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