Madly in Love

Engineer created a "Morning Mix" with which to start our day.

Our playlist has songs like "Best Day of My Life" "Happy" and "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" to set the day's tone.

It also has some tunes mixed in just to get us moving.  James Brown anyone?

You already know that we are a dancy household, that we have no shame taking the party wherever we go, and that our lives are like living in a musical, so it should come as no surprise that the peppy soundtrack to our morning gets our rumps a-shakin'.

Every morning one or more Moppins members are ushering their morning in by dancing.

But it's this that makes me weak in the knees:

I walk around the corner, my beloved takes my hand and sweeps me into his arms.
In an instant, our kitchen becomes our ballroom.

Reservation for Moppins:  dance party of two...

1-4-3 EM!  I am grateful to be your life-long dance partner.
1-4-3 DM!  May you always start your morning with a song and dance number.


  1. A morning playlist is a great idea! Life should definitely be lived like a musical :)


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