Madly in Love Monday

When something goes right in the Moppins household we show joy through movement.  No, not smooth lyrical ballet type movements but raucous jerky silly bauble headed chicken dance type movement and yes, even stoic Engineer joins the romp.  Even though most of the time he is the most practical and serious Moppins, he will still break it down when something wonderful and exciting happens. 

As an example, the first time we tried out this weird concept of couponing (who had ever heard of such a thing?) and we saved $80 or $90 at the grocery store, Mr. Moppins showed his glee with a certain lilt in his step as we waltzed out to the car that could only be compared to Balky's dance in the 80s sitcom "Perfect Strangers".   And that was a subdued version of the sheer abandon that ensues after the good day at work/school/home trifecta.   

I mentioned Friday that while I was cooking and cleaning before our guests arrived I was dancing around the house (always a strong sign of a happy Moppins) well if Engineer would have been home he would have danced with me.  Diva would have too. 

There have many times where she has caught me mid "Happy Dance" and only after joining the jamboree did she ask why we were dancing.  Sometimes the answer is just because it's a good day, that's good enough for her...and for me. 

So I guess today's Madly in Love Monday is just about expressing joy with my two most favorite people in the world...the fact that we can work off a little dessert in the process is just a bonus.  ;) 

1-4-3 EM & DM