The week started off well with my sweet friend meeting me for breakfast.  She was running errands in Shreveport so I met her across the river and we had fabulous blueberry coffee cake and coffee.  If you are on that side of town, do check out Fairfield Market and their specialty foods.  Lots of local flavor.

Engineer finally finished the baby bed project.  You can read about the first projects using the springs or the rails or both.  Part three will be coming soon...

Last weekend brought us the first of the overnight guests coming every weekend for the foreseeable future.  Engineer's best friend from high school and his family came through on their way to Florida for a wedding.  The last time we had seen them was 18 months ago at their wedding.  It was a nice visit, albeit a very short one.

I made my first baby hat last week, the dogs promptly ate my first baby hat, and now I have made my second baby hat.  Annoyed doesn't begin to cover it.

Their visit also reminded me just how child un-friendly our home is.  Knitting needles out.  Glass everywhere.  Antique furniture with sharp corners.  I was constantly grabbing items and putting them higher or trying to keep the baby from injuring himself.  Oh, and he learned to crawl stairs for the first time while here.  I am glad they are watchful but relaxed parents because all I could see was potential for impalement, concussion, or dismemberment.

Diva had another cross country meet and this time it was mid-week.  She did okay but her time slipped a little from the last competition.

Progress reports came out and so far, she has all A's...long may that continue.

Diva attended her first 4H meeting last week.  She's looking into Animal Science.  We shall see what we shall see...

I had bought an antique bed that was missing its side rails.  Through some digging, I found the previous owners (antique store proprietors) and they actually had the rails.  Engineer and I drove to Shreveport to their house and had such a nice visit with them.  As we were talking, all I could think of was that I was looking at Engineer and I in 20 years.  The couple had a similar dynamic to ours and similar interests; no wonder we like them so much.  And, of course while we were there, we ended up buying a china hutch...Engineer cannot take me anywhere!

This week we will be eating:

Sunday - Neighbor kids over for dinner:  Pizza & Salad
Monday - Chicken w/Feta, Greek Salad, & Spanakopita
Tuesday - Acorn Squash Soup, Salad, Garlic Bread
Wednesday - Beef Stir Fry over Fried Rice
Thursday - Butternut Squash Risotto & Salad
Friday - Dinner with Family
Saturday - Date Night

This is part of MPM.


  1. Acorn squash soup sounds divine! Is there a recipe somewhere for that??? Sounds like you guys are busy busy, sorry the dog ate your hat! Hugs from Texas!

    1. I use a recipe from an old Southern Living cookbook. I'm sure you can find it on their website. :) It is wonderful!


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