Perfectly Practical #175a - Old Baby Bed Part 1

This is the crib after we had taken the bottom and side off of it.
My parents were cleaning out their store room and I was told if I want anything, I had better get it out quick or else it was gone forever.

I had no idea what all was in that store room but I wasn't going to pass up an opportunity to snoop go through whatever was there.

Along with my first ballet recital costume, my brother's old punching bag, and a bolt of fabric from which the curtains in my parents' first house were made, I found my baby bed.

It wasn't just my baby bed though, it was my brother's and my Dad's...and it was going in the trash if I didn't take it.  Baby beds from the 40s are not considered safe by today's standards so it couldn't be used as it was intended.

So we gave it a different purpose altogether.
We deconstructed the baby bed and repurposed it into several projects.

Remember how I mentioned the furniture graveyard on our back porch?
Here is the first of those projects to be finished - a trellis made from the springs of a baby bed.

I am proud to say that, with Engineer's help, I did this project - lil' ol' completely-clueless-as-to-how-to-use-power-tools-and-such me.


We unscrewed the drop side of the crib, removed it, and set it aside for project number 2.

Then, we took the spring base off leaving the three remaining sides intact (as pictured above) for projects number 1 and 3.

We stained the wood frame of the springs so that it would be a bit more weather resistant.

Four holes were drilled - one in each corner of the frame.

Next, Engineer held the springs up so that I could screw in my coated wood screws through the previously drilled holes and onto the side of our shed.

That was it.  So simple even I could do it.  ;)
The other projects proved to be far less painless...

This is part of Works for Me & Crafty Thursday.


  1. This is quite a genius project! How many old cribs are just thrown away every single year? I'm sure there are plenty on Craigslist for the taking. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Well thank you for dropping by Ms. Missy! :) Oh, I am sure if you go around town on garbage day you will find old cribs or on freecycle or at garage sales; I am sure there is no shortage of old cribs that are considered unsafe by today's standards.


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