Madly in Love

I came home with a bunch of stuff the other day.

Stuff is the only word to describe the junk odd array of items I brought home.

I had cleaned out my parents' storerooms and could not bear to let some things go in the trash - like my Dad's baby bed.  Which also happened to be my baby bed and my brother's baby bed.

The bed had been laying there in pieces in a cedar closet for decades; but, I felt like I could do something with it (I blame you Pinterest.)

I also found a desk (number two that needs to be dealt with) and I bought a dresser with great bones and a hideous paint job for a song at a garage sale both that I am convinced could be amazing pieces of furniture with a little love (I blame you HGTV.)

Oh, and let's not forget the fabric that I pulled out of the storeroom as well.
I don't even know how to sew!
Good grief!
Moving on...

Our back porch looked like a furniture graveyard.  It was a sad, sad sight.

But after a particularly rousing episode of "Rehab Addict" I got a wild hair and asked if Engineer would help me with one project.

It was after dinner.

Engineer needed to get his stuff ready for the next day.
Engineer was not convinced that any of my projects would actually work.
Engineer was seriously mulling over our channel options.

But he indulged my insanity spontaneity.
And he showed me how to use the drill to make pilot holes.
So one project out of 12 got finished.
Now our porch looks less like where furniture goes to die and more like where furniture goes for new life.

1-4-3 EM!


  1. I got rid of a lot of stuff in a garage sale, it was tough to let go of things "I am sure I could do something with that". I also blame pinterest! Doesn't help that we host Pin It Tuesdays haha

    1. I love the idea of having a well lit highly organized store room where I could keep random items and find a re-purpose for them. But as I don't have that, I end up giving away tons of potentially useful stuff as well. :)

  2. You sound like me! I'm always wanting to rehab old stuff. Good for you for completing a project. Good luck with the rest!

    1. There is no lack of desire to rehab old stuff, there is however, a distinct lack of time, energy, and space for said stuff. ;)

  3. This is exactly why I have a giant craft room with a walk in closet, as well as a big two-car garage. Because I am forever finding pieces I want to bring back from the dead and projects I'm convinced I can do! ;)

    1. The difference is Ms. Katie, that you probably have a very gifted crafting spirit whereas I just think up stuff, have no artist's eye, and expect that it can be done even when I have no idea how to do it. :)


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