Winter Hats 2012-2013

I cleared out and decluttered the whole month of January and found extra places to put hat boxes since they were kind of taking over our closet.  Engineer is very happy about this discovery.

And now on to the hats of winter...

White & Green Floral Hat

Estate sale find in very good condition

Brown Felt Beret

This is another one in the garage sale cache of the century

Red Floral Hat

This is another one from the lovely elderly lady at church

Part of the same cache as the brown one above

This is another one from that same garage sale super find

This was from an estate sale full of beautiful hats that were in perfect condition

The garage sale haul strikes again

My parents gave me this one for Christmas

This one came from the same estate sale as the feathered one above

This is what Diva has been wearing - lots of red and lots of berets:

Red Knit Beret w/ Rosette

Red Felt Beret

That's the end of the winter hats for this year and you know what that means right?  
It's time for NEW EASTER BONNETS!  :)


  1. Those are fun! Do you wear them all?

    1. Yes ma'am! Every single one! I only post pictures of them after we have worn them to church. :)

  2. I'm a HUGE fan of hats. In my parents attic I have a giant box with about 70 hats in it. I have a ton here and there across the world in various houses. Glad to see someone else who appreciates a good hat!! :)

  3. Oh my goodness! I love the hats! I love that you wear the hats! They are so cool!


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