The Last Hats of 2011

I honestly can't remember where this hat came from but it is in fabulous condition.  When in doubt, assume it was an estate sale.  :)

Another one from an estate sale in fabulous condition - love those!

This one was from my Me-me's collection

This one came from Engineer's Grandma.  She got it while visiting New Zealand.

I got this one in my one and only EBay lot.  This is Engineer's least favorite whereas I think it is my most fabulous hat.  I mean, c'mon!  How often do you get to prance around with a bright purple satin hat complete with netting and a giant jeweled brooch holding ostrich feathers on your head?!  Not often enough I say.  Not often enough.

This one I bought at a garage sale.  I was walking around and the lady holding the sale started rattling off prices of items.  I asked her how much for the hat on her head and she said, "Do you like hats?  There's a whole pile of them over there."  And there, on the ground was indeed a pile of hats and hatboxes.  I had to savagely fight off gently dissuade another customer from buying them.  The hats were the lady's mother's and she wanted them to go a home where they would be appreciated.  Hello, that's me.  Ms. Hat Appreciator.  There were 13 hats in that pile with most in perfect condition.  Incidentally, she did not sell me the hat on her head.  She wanted to keep one to remind her of her mother.  Fair enough.

I love Diva's winter hats; they are so fun...and purple!

There are more to see; I know, hard to believe. 
A New Year with new hats.  ;)

This is part of What I wore Wednesday.