Spring Hats 2012

Much like the pantry challenge that has gone on for six months now, documenting our hats also seems to be an never ending ongoing experience.

I thought I would try something a little different this year and show you that we do actually wear our hats and don't just place them on the head of a giant stuffed tiger.  Although, you may not get the best view of the hats this way.  Please note that neither of us are models - we just really like hats.

If you don't see one of us in the photo, it's because we aren't wearing a new hat.  No point in us showing you hats we've already worn right?  On occasion, Tiger did have to step in for us.  She is the professional afterall.

Our new Easter bonnets (because one must have a new Easter bonnet each year)

Yes, I am a Texan.  Yes, I wear cowboy boots.  Yes I am a living cliche.  Moving on.

I am pretty sure that this one came from the elderly lady at church or the Ebay lot.  Diva and I weren't together in this picture because I wasn't ready yet and the battery died when I was so Tiger kindly stepped in for me last minute.

My parents gave me this one for Christmas this year (estate sale find).  In the picture it looks navy but it is actually black.

This is another one from the elderly lady (think late 80s early 90s) at church.  She had been hanging on to these hats for decades and was so pleased when she found that I would love and appreciate all of her treasured hats.  This one she was particularly fond of as it was her mother-in-law's Easter bonnet one year. 

I don't have any clue where this hat came from but I added the scarf tied around the base for some color.

This hat, again, came from the elderly lady at church.

This one may have been in the EBay lot I bought a while back.  It was a good lot.

Now it's on to summer hats...

By the way, if any of you have pictures of yourselves wearing hats, I would love to see them.  I may even post them for everyone else to see.  So if you don't mind donning your chapeaux and having photographic evidence of it, send it to me at parymoppins (at) ymail (dot) com.

Part of WIWW.


  1. I really do love seeing all the hats. I don't know how you manage to store them all though! Hmmm have I worn a hat in recent years.....I'll have to ponder on that one.

    1. So glad you like seeing all of these hats - I like wearing all of these hats. ;) You would be shocked at the number of hat boxes around here. I have them as functional decoration, I have a stack beside my bed that I use as a nightstand, and the top shelves of our closet are chock full of hat boxes. My dream would be to have a dressing room with a section dedicated for hats and purses.

  2. I adore hats! I have several that belonged to my grandmother. My favorite hats are the wide brimmed hats. I do love your hair pulled up in that last picture.

    1. Please keep them for your daughters! And please wear them, hats are such a beautiful connection to past generations - wearable art pieces. I like big hats too. I think that's why my Easter hats are always huge! :) Thanks. I wear my hair up almost all of the time since I don't like it in my face.

  3. I pondered for a while, and I do have a winter hat that is sort of cute. Not much use for it here, but I kept it. I'll have to take a picture in it for you :-)


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