You Asked So You Shall Receive...

Y'all can thank Thrifty Texas Penny for this next bit of fluff.  :)

You just saw this morning about my love for Engineer because he doesn't hang his head in shame when I wear a hat that maybe some would consider crazy downright ridiculous a little unusual.

Ms. Cricket wanted some photographic proof so here is what has been worn so far since Easter:

Easter Bonnet '11

Vintage given to me by an elderly woman at church

Worn in a wedding and I added vintage brooches from our grandmothers

Vintage given to me by the elderly woman at church

Vintage bought at an estate sale

Vintage bought on EBay

Just for fun, I'll show ya what Diva has worn so far since Easter as well:

I would like to say a couple of things:

1.  A good many of my summer hats are enormous but as I am a fill in in the church choir at the moment, I have been politely asked to keep it petite.  The director (who is the patriarch of a family who is very dear to us) said his reasoning was so that the congregation would not be distracted during our anthem.  I sweetly answered him that the congregation would be more distracted if I wasn't wearing a hat.  He didn't buy it so I can't wear my most fabulous hats yet which is kind of a bummer.  In this instance, size does matter. 

2.  Please be reminded that by the time you add crocheted gloves, a purse made from a bra, and a vintage dress, the shock value of the hat is dampened by the whole ensemble.  ;)

3.  I would like thank my model, Tiger, for her cooprrrrrrration and willingness to be photographed on such short notice.

4.  I want to thank Cricket for keeping me on my toes.

This is part of What I wore Wednesday.


  1. Wow! You are one spectacular lady. And yes kuddos to your model as well. I haven't the courage to wear a ball cap, much less a fabulous hat. I'm sure you carry any of these with more style than 90% of women our age. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I totally think you could rock the hats Ms. Cricket. We'll have to break you in gently though... :)
    Awww, thanks, wait a minute...only 90%? ;)

  3. Wasn't meant as an insult. There are some fabulously dressed ladies (with the fabulously maxed out credit cards to match) who might hold the top 10% or so.

  4. I absolutely LOVE it. Of course, I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see the bra purse. PLEASE share a picture of the whole outfit! ;)


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