Madly in Love

Diva's first birthday party after we moved here was just family since she didn't know anyone yet.  That broke my heart.  No kids at her party.  A party to forget.

I was already sad about leaving our home and our friends in England and decided right then that her birthday parties would henceforth be affairs to remember.

For her:
Part of the fun is that Diva doesn't even know what her party theme will be until after school is out. 

I realize that is backwards from conventional thinking, most people ask their child what they would want for a party theme then plan accordingly.  But really, when do we do things the conventional way?  She likes the element of surprise.

Onwards toward the Madly in Love part:  1.  I am Madly in Love with Engineer for putting up with my planning and scheming and for getting stuff done for these parties and 2.  I am madly in love with our little Diva for being so quick to embrace the party spirit every time. 

What is next year's theme?....

You'll have to ask Diva...about two weeks before the party.  :)

1-4-3 EM & DM!


  1. You need to be an event planner. We've kept birthdays simple, mostly because they are all at very busy times of the year, but I always love to see other people party ideas.

    1. Once a year is enough event planning for me Ms. Kristin. :) Thank you anyway. As long as she will let me, I will plan a big party for Diva. I feel like those memories will last forever whereas a toy or some clothes will only last a short while. Plus, it gives me some more of those cool mom points I talked about before. ;)


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