Party After Party

What happens when you take beautifully behaved children dressed all in white

have them all play a game of croquet (a game most of them had never played before)

then have them sit at a formal table set with very messy food?

You have a food fight of course! It was a total surprise to the kiddos but the parents knew in advance.

Even Momma, Daddy, and Uncle P.K. get involved and pose for the after picture. 

So how do you clean up a bunch of spaghetti laden children fast?
You stake a tarp on a hill and spray water on it while someone else squirts dish soap all over it.

They've worked up quite an appetite by then so they really should have a picnic on the lawn.

So that was party number one.  The next day, we turned around and hosted a House party for Febreeze.
The ladies came.

They ate.

They smelled...uh...Febreeze.

Good times were had by all but now I am trying to recuperate from all the fun so please forgive me if my posts are a little late this week.