Menu Plan - Pantry Challenge Week 18

Yes, we have indeed gone 1/3 of the year using what we have had on hand. 

I do need to clear something up and to do that, I have to make a little shameful confession:  my tiny little pantry along with the two fridge/freezers and a deep freeze were/are not my only stash.  I had/have two under the bed storage tubs that housed canned goods. 

 And while we are confessing...

You may have read  how excited I was about an Azure Standard Drop in our area.  Obviously I had to order from them so that I could give you a fair representation of the process.  :)  I changed my order tons of times but finally settled on things I was nearly out of that we use all the time like demerara sugar & baking soda, fruit that I would buy anyway such as apples & lemons, and onions and carrots because my Momma needed someone to split the massive quantity with her.

There, I said it, my conscience is clear.

Since we eat mostly fresh veggies from the CSA (like the 60lbs. of sweet potatoes!) or our garden, the canned ones don't get cycled through very quickly.  Or at least not as quickly as I thought we evidenced by my previous shopping habits...which resulted in the said two tubs of canned goods. 

Remember that I still have to top up with fresh fruit and dairy so it's not that my grocery shopping has been cut out completely, just that my shopping list is short and purposeful - like me.  ;)

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Sunday - Sausage & Peppers over Rice and Salad
Monday - Cream Peas Seasoned with Homemade Summer Sausage, Collard Greens, and Cornbread
Tuesday - Beef Curry over Rice, Aloo Gobi, & Naan Bread
Wednesday - Salad Sampler:  Potato, Rice, Green, Fruit, & Pasta Salads
Thursday - Whisky Marinated Roast Beef, Roast Potatoes & Onions, and Steamed Carrots
Friday - Date Night
Saturday - Leftovers

This is part of Menu Plan Monday.


  1. I love that you seem to have weekly date nights :) Also? Homemade summer sausage?! Do tell...

    1. We have had weekly dates since Diva was born (before then, every night was date night.) :) I have added the link to the homemade summer sausage to the menu.

  2. I'm short and purposeful, too. My shopping list however has not been. How often do you adjust your shopping habits? Mine seem in constant flux lately.

    1. :) My shopping habits adjust with however I am doing our meal planning at that time. I have found though, that doing this pantry challenge thing has liberated me from going to the store every week. It's nice.


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