Turns Out It IS Easy Being Green

I don't know about you, but recycling in our house is ugly. 

We constantly have a large unsightly box on the floor in our den for recycling.  But that is the better of our options.  It's either a hideous receptacle obstructing our path or we have to cart our recycling out the door, squeeze around one car, and shimmy in between two cars up to the giant outside bin each time we need to throw out some recycling.

Oh but there is another drawback to the very technical large-box-on-the-floor method, it has no lid and that really adds to the ugly factor. 

Then there is the fact that it has no lid.  Yes, I'm aware that I've already mentioned that but although I find that problematic, our dog sure doesn't seem to think it's a problem.  Many times there are the shredded remains of all manner of recyclables strewn all over the floor.

So what's a girl to do?  I just want to do my part, be a good steward, set a good example, AND not have a big cumbersome box in my den.  I was beginning to think it was just too much to ask...and then I was sent a Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler.

As the name implies, the bin keeps your recyclables hidden.  It has brackets to fit over or can be bolted to the door of a cabinet.  The 5 gallon bag itself is made of recyclable materials and can be washed in your washing machine.  There is even a handle for easy transport.  They have thought of everything!

This is a perfect recycling bin for college kids or apartment dwellers or people who have giant recycling boxes in their dens.  

The one downside to the Hidden Recycler is that our dog isn't so thrilled with the lack of recyclable chew toys at her disposal.

You can purchase the Hidden Recycler online or in store at Meijer.

If Kermit had a Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler, he would agree that it is actually really easy being green.

Enter using the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win a Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler.  The winner will be chosen May 8th, 2012 and will have two days to respond via e-mail otherwise a new name will be drawn.  Good luck!

*I was sent a Hidden Recycler by Rubbermaid to review.  All opinions and unsightly recyclables are my own.

Congratulations Ms. Kristin Fisk on winning the Hidden Recycler!
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  1. OMG I really do need this LOL....Our recycling is usually an extra trash can beside our other trash can...but it just gets in the way!! This would be awesome because our kitchen is not gigantic, and although we have a lot of counter space, we have pretty much ZERO floor space.

  2. That is such a nifty recycling bin! I've been looking for one for the church kitchen for a while.

  3. We rinse cans and leave them sitting on the counter for days before they make their way to the back door. Where they sit for days longer before we finally toss them in a little garbage can next to our "big" curbside can. When it gets full I'll crunch them down and put them into a garbage bag with the other crunched cans. Eventually they'll make their way to the recycling bin at church. Other than that we recycle by reusing as much as we can. We don't have a curbside recycling bin because I'm not willing to pay the city every month to pick up our recycling so they can sell it and make even more money.

    1. Oh, I never thought about that! (city charging to pick up recycling then selling it)

  4. I also take stuff home to my parents' house when we make a trip there because they have curbside recycling. (I really must talk with our neighbors about using the empty space in their recycling cans after they've been taken to the curb)

  5. We aren't recyclers at the moment (need to get started) when it comes to things like cans, glass, paper, etc. I really am clueless because there isn't local pick up like when I lived in the city and I'm not sure where to take it myself. I do, however, use cloth diapers for my little ones and I think that counts as recylcing...and with 4 boys, we are big on hand-me-down clothes!

  6. We just hang a plastic bag on the door to collect recyclables and then we empty it in the outside recycling bin every other day or so.


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