Perfectly Practical #60 - Get to Know Your Neighbors

We have been very fortunate to have fabulous neighbors with whom we have enjoyed fostering relationships.

Besides the typical "borrow a cup of sugar" neighborly give and take, we have gone into the can you:  pick my kids up, feed my dogs, watch my house, help my kid with a project, hem my skirt, try this recipe, give me that recipe, find a coupon for that, and many more things too numerous to list.

Our behind the fence neighbors, SuperMom and SuperDad, have two boys who go to school with Diva.  Our families are the foundation of the "walking bus" (we pick up 3-5 other neighborhood kiddos along the way) that takes the 3/4 mile jaunt to school in the mornings.  The other neighborhood parents really appreciate that extra time in the mornings afforded to them so they can get their other kids or themselves ready for the day.

Our elderly neighbors enjoy seeing the kids play and our kids know that there are lots of trusted adults nearby if they ever need help.  It makes for a safer community.

If you look over our menu plan for the week, you will see that we almost always have a Neighborhood Dinner scheduled.  We have a great time and we never know who all is coming.  We have had out of town guests join us, family and friends, really whoever needs feedin' gets fed.

I love knowing my neighbors and truly believe that it makes for a better environment to raise children.  If you don't know your neighbors, I would encourage you to take your cookie ministry over to their place and introduce yourself.  You never know where that little act may lead...or when you might need a skirt hemmed.

This is part of We Are That Family's Works for Me Wednesday.


  1. I love your idea for a scheduled Neighborhood Dinner. How often do ya'll do this? It seems we keep saying we're gonna do a big get-together, but there's always someone who can't make it. So we keep rescheduling and never actually getting together. :(

  2. Howdy Ms. Laura! We have dinner together once a week. Our behind-the-fence neighbors and the Moppins fam switch hosting duties back and forth but other neighbors have been invited to come eat with us.


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