Perfectly Practical #28 - Walking to School

I have already written about how we were introduced to the joys of walking while in J.O.E. but walking to school has a set of benefits all its own.

The most obvious benefit is exercise.  Diva arrives at school alert and ready to start the day.  She has had plenty of fresh air and Vitamin D and her blood is pumping so she is fully awake and raring to go.

Walking to school builds camaraderie in our neighborhood. 

Our neighbors look forward to seeing us and we look forward to seeing them for a friendly hello and a wave.  In fact, another Mom and kids from the neighborhood have been joining us this school year which has been great fun - for us, the kids, the dogs, and the neighbors. 

It is fairly hysterical trying to get anywhere from 1 to 4 dogs and 3 to 5 kids all on the same side of the road, not chasing squirrels or picking up worms (for the umpteenth time), and walking at something slightly faster than a snail's pace.  We've even starting picking up other neighborhood kids who think that it's cool that we walk to school.  

This was a 3 dog 3 kid day...until we picked up two more kids down the road... :)

Also, when Diva and I get to walk together in the morning and/or afternoon it is precious time.  It's very low-key so there are times where I just listen for 10 minutes while she chats away about any and everything.  Sometimes she talks about important topics or fears or joys.  It is relationship building at its best.  Plus, it's the best time to work on spelling words or memorization passages for school. 

So I would encourage you that if you have the opportunity to walk to school, do it.  It's great for your mind, body, and soul. 

And just for the record, when we have a little extra time, stopping to look at cicadas and worms or doing a little bird watching is highly encouraged.  :)

This is part of WfMW.


  1. Love your blog! We really love your positive attitude and great walking tips and would like to partner with you to promote walking.

    Please feel free to get in touch at info [at]

    1. Thanks so much! Diva and I would be so pleased to promote walking.


  3. We love walking to school, too! My 3rd grader and I started a tradition when he was beginning 1st grade that we sing "This Is the Day that the Lord Has Made" every day as we leave the house; it has been great for setting my thoughts in an appreciative direction, even when the weather is...challenging.

    1. What a good idea to start out with a praise song on the way to school to get everyone's mind focused. Challenging weather is only a problem for about a month here. Even when it is cold, it is usually dry and sunny.


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