Perfectly Practical #50 - Take a Moment

Did you ever watch Ally McBeal?  My favorite character on the whole show was John "The Biscuit" Cage.  I only watched the show because of him (not Ally, she was kind of annoying.)  He had so many quotable phrases but one that I especially like is "I need to take a moment" and he would proceed to slightly press the top of his nose as he bowed his head with arms half akimbo.  Sometimes we all need to just take a moment.

Before life swallows you whole with the amount of housework that needs doing, classes to prepare for and teach, bereavement meals that need making, correspondence that needs taking care of, commitments to fulfill, club meetings to attend, and trips to the park for a child on Spring Break (anybody else in this boat with me); take a moment.

I've mentioned before that sometimes you just need to do the next thing and to just be still but what happens somewhere in the middle?  A moment.

When there is so much going on and you can't necessarily go full steam ahead, take a moment.  In those few seconds you can collect your thoughts, decide the best course of action, find the most efficient means to the end result you desire, and generally remain calm and collected as you forge ahead.  Moments are the in betweens of the next things.

(This is also very true for conversations.  Sometimes that moment is the saving grace you needed before you blurted out a comment that could have offended.) 

So take a deep breath, close your eyes, decide where to start, and go for it.  Then after you have crossed the first thing off the list, take another moment if needed and get a cookie and some coffee and carry on with your tasks.   Everyone will appreciate your sanity as you go about your day - although they may question it when every so often they look up and see you with your fingers pressing your nose...