Perfectly Practical #18 - Just Be Still

Our little family is so blessed to have such amazing friends.  Two such friends are also members of our church where they just happen to be Diva's prayer partners and our around-the-corner-and-down-a-bit neighbors. 

Diva and I have the privilege of taking care of their spectacular wildlife garden whenever they are away. 

All that being said, recently as we were watering the plants, I noticed a piece of paper on their swing which said, "Pary & Diva, Have a seat and be quiet and listen. Love, Mr. & Mrs. S."  The paper was being weighted by a coaster that had the first part of Psalm 46:10 "Be still, and know that I am God..."

I had the usual 3,000 things I needed to do with an extra 3,000 that I wanted to do, but something inside made me think I should sit with Diva on the porch swing and just be still.  So that's what we did. 

It's not easy for me to be still, I am not naturally wired that way but that little note reminded me that time with Diva is so very precious and God's creation is so beautiful and to fully appreciate both, I need to be still.

Even though our friends were gone, they still managed to minister to us through a small sweet gesture.

Let this remind us all that while our lives whirl around us in every direction, take some time to be still, reflect, pray, nap, whatever you need to do to be physically, emotionally, and spiritually revived.

Part of Works for Me.