Perfectly Practical #41 - Know Your Strengths

The new year usually has all of the things we want to change about ourselves coming to the forefront of our minds - our weaknesses, if you will.  But today I would like to encourage you to think about all of your strengths.

Knowing your strengths is very powerful as well as practical.  We are all quick to point out our weaknesses (like the fact that I couldn't craft my way out of a paper bag) but we should be able to point out our strengths just as quickly (I make some mean hot sauce.)

I guess we have been programmed somewhere along the way to think that it is rude or haughty to say that you are good at something but it is a sign of humility to say that you are bad at something.  Hogwash!  Even the original Pary Moppins knew that was hogwash.  (I don't get to use that term nearly as often as I'd like to.)  The Bible says that she "perceiveth that her merchandise is good..."  Proverbs 31:18  It does not say that she kinda sorta guessed that her wares were alright if she were in a pinch. 

Knowing where your strengths lie is actually very comforting.  I know if someone asks me to help organize a party I can turn it out no problem - little to no stress and quite fun.  Now if someone asks me to help with a Texas scrapbooking project that's due for school (ahem...I'm breaking out in a cold sweat thinking about it) I can humbly and gracefully defer to someone else's creative expertise (thank you Lord that Supermom is my neighbor.)

How to recognize your strengths:

1.  Do you find enjoyment in doing something?
2.  Do people often say that you are really good at something particular?
3.  Are others blessed by something that you do?

Guess what, if you answered yes to those questions then it is one of your strengths and you can take pride in it.  Knowing your strengths will also help you to say no when asked to do something that is not your strong suit.

There is beauty in diversity and we are all not good at everything (no matter what Martha tries to tell you) or even at the same things but we are all good at something.  When we can recognize those things about ourselves, it makes for less stress, and I'm all for less stress.