Perfectly Practical #220 - Lemon Oil

In an attempt to whip our house into a state of show home readiness, I am trying to glean tips and tricks from the pros.  Here is one such tip from my sweet friend who is an interior designer.

I have used lemon oil for years on my antique furniture.  But, after attending the seminar on how to care for your antiques, I found out that it's not the best thing for my furniture.  I was devastated because I buy the stuff by the gallon.

I turned to my designer friend who was with me and asked, "What am I to do with all of the lemon oil I have already?"  Calmly, she replied, "Wipe down you stainless with it."


She was serious.  My friend wipes down her stainless appliances every so often with lemon oil.  The oil gives the appliances a sheen and also makes it easier to wipe off little smudges here and there.

Look at that streak free shine!
After cleaning the appliances (remembering to wipe with the grain) and allowing the cleaning solution to dry thoroughly, put a little lemon oil on a soft cloth and wipe with the grain.  Voila!

I have been employing this technique and have been very happy with the results.

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