Perfectly Practical #208 - Cleaning Stainless Appliances

This is what wiping AGAINST the grain looks like - splotchy
Stainless steel appliances look cool, no doubt about it.

In our old house, we had the original mid-century Thermador oven and warming drawer that looked space aged.  I loved them and they really suited the house.

In our new house, we have modern stainless appliances which suit it.

The only issue I have with stainless is that it shows water spots, finger prints, and streaks (as evidenced by the above photo.)

Here's a little tip for keeping your stainless appliances looking nice, when you clean them, make sure you wipe with the grain instead of wiping against it.

Did you even notice that they had a grainy texture?  I didn't for a long time then I had an epiphany while wiping down the oven for the umpteenth time:  when I wiped with the grain, there were no streaks, fingerprints, etc. and everything wiped away cleanly.

This is part of WFMW.


  1. Good to know. I have a stainless steel bread box that belonged to my grandmother that is ALWAYS covered in finger prints.

    1. If I had a bread box, those would be MY fingerprints all over it. ;)

  2. I decided NOT to go stainless because I figured I'd be cleaning them all the time! :(

    1. It is definitely worth consideration Ms. Skye, because the cleaning is a little more time consuming than one may think.


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