Our week was uneventful - partially due to more rain.  I like the rain, I do, but I'm not so fond of the muddy paw prints left all over my floors.  Tell me you can relate.

By the time the weekend rolled around:

Diva had a friend spend the night on Friday and we took the girls to get free Italian ice at a local shop called Sophie's.  In case you were wondering, yes, it was delicious!  So delicious in fact that we ate our free Italian ice and then PAID for a cup of gelato to share; their gimmick worked.  Well played Sophie's...well played.

Engineer came down with something and is still fighting it off.

My friend and I went to a Jane Ryder millinery trunk show hosted by the fabulous Knox Goodman of Knox Goodman's boutique in Shreveport.  It was in anticipation for Derby Day and I was like a kid in a candy store with all of the beautiful chapeaux.  AND...she is from Exeter, England - where Diva was born!  Small world.

Now we are just trying to putter along until next week - SPRING BREAK!!!

We will be eating:

Sunday - Leftovers
Monday - BBQ Rubbed Catfish, cilantro slaw, and warm sweet potato salad
Tuesday - Mac & Cheese w/Cabbage & Sausage
Wednesday - Pasta Fagioli & Salad
Thursday - Gumbo & Cornbread
Friday - Frito Pies with Diva's book club
Saturday - Date Night

This is part of MPM.


  1. Beautiful hats. The warm sweet potato salad looks divine! I have sweet potatoes in my pantry......

    1. It is definitely worth a try Ms. Ronda. That recipe is what turned Engineer's disdain for sweet potatoes around.

  2. You sure have a lovely flare, girl!

    What fun!

  3. My week is so screwed up we'll be lucky if we get to eat anything but birthday cupcakes or Girl Scout cookies.

    1. Those sound like delicious options for supper, maybe not the healthiest options, but definitely delicious ones! ;)


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