This week consisted of a:

mammoth baking day
first official book club meeting
quick jaunt around some estate sales (I really must start posting the haul from these)
celebration of a friend's birthday

The mighty baking day came about by happenstance.  As I was taking Diva to school one morning, I noticed that one of our neighbors had thrown out all twenty or so pumpkins that had been used in their fall yard decor.  The pumpkins were in perfect condition so naturally I went over and asked if I could take a couple from their trash...naturally.  They said I could and the rest of the day was spent preparing the pumpkins to make puree then doing something with it.

Diva and her friend in the 'hood have started a school book club.  Their first official meeting was Saturday.  It was such fun listening to them discuss plot convenience and resolution.

Engineer and I joined our friends at Great Raft Brewery for a birthday celebration.  It was a cool place (even to those of us who do not enjoy beer.)  There was an interesting mix of hipsters in ironic t-shirts, doctors in scrubs, hippies in whatever it is they wear, businessmen in suits, and then there was us.  What we did see a lot of though were beards.  Lots and lots of beards.

This week our schedules are out of whack so we will be eating easy stuff:

Sunday - Leftovers
Monday - Muffalettas
Tuesday - Pumpkin Soup
Wednesday - Taquitos
Thursday - Frito Pie
Friday - Dinner w/Family
Saturday - Date Night

This is part of MPM.