Poinsettia Party Kit

I was sent a Poinsettia Party Kit for review purposes.  All opinions and house full of kiddos are my own.

We have aimed to make our place to hang out.  A place where our daughter can feel comfortable about bringing her friends.  This is our sincere wish...however...

It's the holiday season and we have hosted everything from a Halloween party to a Thanksgiving feast to a "Bestie Fest" so far and are hurtling towards a caroling party, an international visitor for Christmas, and a New Year's Day party.  It seems like just as we clean up the dishes and decor from one get together and it's time to set up for the next one.

Of course, now is exactly when our daughter has decided to form and host a book club.  Be careful what we wish for, eh?

This is why I was so pleased to have been sent a Poinsettia Party Kit from Wholesale Party Supplies.  The kit came with a table cloth that would easily fit a trestle table but was still wide enough for our table, napkins, plates, cups, plastic cutlery, and streamers.  A party in a box!  A disposable party in a box.  Even better.

My only caveat was that there were 18 cups, plates, and 36 napkins, but only 8 sets of cutlery.

For big gatherings or kid gatherings, I use disposable tableware.  It's a fact.  It makes my life infinitely easier that way and I am not stressed out about glasses being broken or having to wash dishes for days.  This way I can grab up trash in the tablecloth and get rid of the whole thing.
Party clean-up done.

Here's how the book club went:

The table was set beforehand using the Poinsettia Party Kit and Christmas music was softly playing in the background to set the mood.
Guests arrived and visited for a bit while awaiting pizza delivery.
In the meantime, I made crockpot cocoa.
The teenagers (wait, what?  When did I get old enough to have a bunch of teenagers running around?) sat at the table to stuff their faces full of pizza* and discuss the book club, the book, and movie.
Afterwards, they assembled upstairs to watch the film that accompanied the book (Stormbreaker in case you were wondering.)

I enjoyed having the book club here and our daughter was so excited to be able to host them.  They were a great group of kids and we will be happy to have them over again in the future...especially if I can get all my festive paper goods shipped to me.

Ah, stress free gatherings are my favorite kind.

*I felt obliged to offer salad as well but had few takers.  Go figure.


  1. Sounds like a good time! The plates and napkins are very festive :)

    1. An avid reader like yourself would have loved jumping in on this book discussion. :)


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