This week I was able to spend time with my girlfriends which was bittersweet.  I don't have much time left with my ladies so I want to soak them up as much as possible.

Engineer also had a chance to hang with his buddies.

Our school was celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week this week which I was in charge of (who thought that was a good idea?!)  So in the midst of packing up the remnants of our house and planning Diva's 13th "Un-Birthday" party, I was coordinating teacher appreciation week.  Thank you Lord for helping me through the week!

We do things a little differently for Diva's parties.  And because we would not be in Marshall for her actual birthday, we chose to throw and Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter's Tea Party inspired Un-Birthday Party instead.

As the children came in, we split them into teams and gave them a sheet of paper asking them to write down the 6 impossible things they thought of before breakfast.

They played a rousing game of
flamingo croquet; it's harder than it looks.
It was fun.

The Mad Hatters workshop.
Each time they would start on a hat,
the Mad Hatter would yell "Clean Cup!  Move Down!"
and they would have to move to the hat on their left and start working on that one.
It was silly.

We had the two teams race to fill a pitcher with water.
Using two teacups being passed back and forth in an
over-under relay.  They got a little damp.

All any good party needs is access to water.  The kids decided
some of them weren't wet enough so they had a water fight.
It was messy.

We made a caterpillar.  The person behind had to
"feed" the person in front of them a sloppy creamy
chocolaty cup of goo.  From the smiles, it looks like they
didn't mind getting icky that much.  Plus, it meant
more playing in the water.
Diva's friends never fail to jump right in and embrace the wackiness of the party.

Once we cleaned up from the party, we headed over to my parents' house to celebrate Mother's Day.

After an extremely busy week which accelerated toward the weekend, my Mother's Day present from Engineer was to let me sleep in.  It was the best Mother's Day present ever!

This week we will be eating up more random things from the freezers:

Sunday - Dinner with Friends
Monday - Frito Pies, Salad, & Grapes
Tuesday - Purple Hull Peas, Squash, Corn, & Cornbread
Wednesday - BBQ Sausage, Green Bean Casserole, & Salad
Thursday - Thai Green Curry over Rice
Friday - Date Night
Saturday - Dinner with Friends

This is part of MPM.


  1. What an awesome party! I love fun, crazy stuff like that. Those are always the best parties and the best memories!

    1. I got stopped this morning by Diva's school librarian who said she had heard all about the party. So yes, I think they do make the best memories.

  2. Looks like the party was a great success! I didn't realize you were moving. Where is your little family headed?

  3. Love the Mat Hatter idea! You are so creative.


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