January in Review

Caspar when we got him -
crazy hair and all.
Caspar after a much needed haircut.


This year began as most of my married years have, with a New Year's Day party.  However, this year, it wasn't just a New Year we were celebrating, it was the opportunity for a new life.

Our dear friends the Operinos (you can read about them here and here and here) got the call that a heart had been made available for the youngest Operinino, Anthony (you can keep up with him via his Facebook page).

School, work, lessons, and activities all cranked back up.

Some girlfriends and I started having weekly "Coffee & Crochet" meet-ups which has been wonderful.

Engineer went out of town on business which was far less wonderful.

Diva went on a church youth retreat.

Engineer taught a "Generation Change" Dave Ramsey course for our youth group.

We attending meetings, a recital, Supper Club, dinners with friends, dinner with family, Superbowl party, personal trainer sessions at the gym (ouch!) and a swim-a-thon.

The cat brought in a female cardinal and let her loose in my living room.  General bird count was up this month at 3 dead at my stoop, 2 caught and saved in my garage, and the 1 in my living room which was also saved.

Engineer's car caught on fire on the way to work one morning which led to us buying my parents old car.

All in all, a pretty exciting month full of newness.

Quite the handsome devil


The Fruitful Wife by Hayley DiMarco
Simple Tips for Simple Living by Various
The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordin (so much better than the movie)
7 by Jen Hatmaker (highly recommend)
Honor's Reward by John Bevere


"The Secret Life of Walter Mitty"
"Saving Mr. Banks"

Finished Projects:

Purple scarf (pattern here)

Something New:

I cooked a goose for the first time then proceeded to use the bones for extremely rich stock and save the fat for the most gorgeous roasted potatoes.

We tried a new groomer.  The result is pictured at the top of this post.

Exercising using a personalized work-out schedule.

What have you been reading/watching/doing?  Have you tried anything new in the New Year yet?


  1. I just finished "Sharp Edges" writing by Gillian Flynn. I also read "Dark Places" as well. Her books are amazing, slightly disturbing, but always keeping you on your toes. That's impressive you roasted a goose. I bet it was amazing!

    1. I don't know that author; I'll have to check her out. THe goose was really tasty. :)

  2. I really, really want to go see Frozen... but my husband refuses! Grrr ;)

    1. Frozen has a lot of catchy tunes, which is probably why they came out with the sing-a-long version. It's worth watching. Maybe you could grab your niece or nephew as an excuse to see it. :)


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