Perfectly Practical #179 - Using Spent Grains

All this month I have been making recipes dealing with the leftovers from Engineer's brewing process.

Why is that perfectly practical you ask, I'll tell you:  nothing goes to waste.

I've shown you how to dry out spent grains, then make granola, muffins, & breakfast cake using those grains.

I still have a few more recipes up my sleeve...stay tuned.

Why would I even bother to take the time to dry out the grains for reuse?  Mainly, it keeps the cost per bottle down.

Basically all those 12 lbs. of grains are used for is to make a flavorful "tea" if you will, to be fermented.  They get steeped then tossed if you don't swoop in and save them.

Here are the benefits to using the grains:

Easy to dry out
Very forgiving
Nothing wasted
Able to dry can it for long term storage
Smells like grape nuts when drying (who doesn't like the smell of Grape-Nuts?)
Can be used in place of oats in many cases
Healthy whole grain
Can be ground into flour
FABULOUS for your compost heap

Using spent grains works for me.


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